Pre-Teen Showcase (Ages 12-16)

(Two Hour Class) Ages 12-15 with Greg Foro

$425 Class begins with improvisation and acting technique. Shortly after, a play will be selected by the class and instructor which is appropriate for all enrolled both in style and subject matter. Rehearsals will focus on characterization, acting technique, blocking strategies, relationship and memorization. The culminating performance will stem directly from all ensemble work and showcase student talents. A great class for those students who love the playlab experience.

Class Code Ages Days Dates Hours
PT 12-16 TUESDAYS 02/14/12 - 06/12/12 5:30-7:30

* Must be 12 yrs. of age before first class.

We Offer

  • Improvisation and acting technique
  • Rehearsals
  • Characterization
  • Acting technique
  • Blocking strategies
  • Relationship
  • Memorization
  • Performance