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Students experience all the elements of play production: costumes, lighting, makeup and character development. Students are responsible for learning lines, working cooperatively with their peers and must be available for performances the final week of the class semester. Prerequisite: prior play production experience, Actor's Studio, or any character acting skills class. No prior experience necessary for Young Actor's Workshop or Pre-Teen and Teen Showcase. For questions concerning eligibility call the Artistic Director at 212-254-3074 ext. 124.

With Greg Foro and Lindsay Blodgett
"Well, blow me down!" Will Popeye (strong to the finish cause he eats his spinach) win the love of Olive Oyl? Or will Bluto the Bandit ruin his plans to get his "goyl'? Join the cartoon icon and the rest of the sea-faring gang on one of Popeye's most entertaining adventures. Advanced Actors work in an atmosphere where challenging play building skills are taught and emphasized. Must meet prerequisite.

With Greg Foro Class begins with improvisation and acting technique. Shortly after, a play will be selected by the class and instructor which is appropriate for all enrolled both in style and subject matter. Rehearsals will focus on characterization, acting technique, blocking strategies, relationship and memorization. The culminating performance will stem directly from all ensemble work and showcase student talents. A great class for those students who love the playlab experience.

With Greg Foro and Lindsey Blodgett
All of the Royal Court has fallen into a deep slumber, enchanted by fairy magic. A forest grows around the palace hiding and protecting the Kingdom for one hundred years. A prince comes along, but this times does he save the day? A fun and outrageous journey performed by our Intermediate Actors. An exciting class for the newcomers to the Playlab experience and for returning students.

With Lindsay Blodgett and Greg Foro
Our lively class introduces beginners to the world of storytelling, stage movement and self-expression. Children will explore theater basics, creative movement, songs and imaginative play. There will be a presentation for friends, family and guests on the last day of class. A friendly and low-key introduction to acting and theater.