Adult Acting 2: Relationships & Scenes

Two and a half Hour Class, Adults Only, with Stephen Michael Rondel $425

How do you begin to find your character and develop active relationships through dialogue? This course investigates that question through detailed scene work and analysis. We continue our exploration of various theater games and improvisation to reinforce important techniques essential to acting and scene study.  Class focus includes: learning how to clarify acting relationships, analyzing scripts, and developing unique and three-dimensional characters.

Mondays:  2/13/12 - 5/7/12, 7:00pm-9:30pm

Class Objectives

  • Come out of yourself and into the world of the actor
  • Release a non-judgmental mind, build confidence and find strength in others
  • Find the player inside of you
  • See the fellow actor as communication system
  • Use constructive criticism a way that aids in the education process rather than hinders
  • Develop a 3 dimensional character life
  • Create the play’s character with individual style and grace
  • Rehearse and present a scene with a partner for an invited audience at semester’s end

6 parts of approaching scenes:

  • Text
  • Character
  • Environment
  • Relacom vs. Relacom Victories
  • Intentions and Tactics
  • Blocking and Stage Directions