The Children’s Aid Society staff believes that to fully meet children's needs, we must also address the issues confronting their families. After all, parents who receive help with legal, financial, emotional and health issues are parents who can better focus on the needs of their children.

To that end, Children’s Aid engages parents through a host of programs. Some are geared specifically towards parents and their adult issues. For example, Children’s Aid's legal advocates help unravel the red tape involved in accessing health care, housing and immigration services. GED (general equivalency diploma) and English language classes are available. Counseling services help parents welcome home children from juvenile justice facilities, help families reunite with children in foster care and address domestic violence issues. Parents and grandparents are educated on ways to help teens avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Other programs provide parents with the support they need to be successful parents. Doula services are available for pregnant women and are followed by assistance in Early Head Start enrollment. Social workers reach out to parents as well as children to ensure that the family’s needs are met. The goal is to ensure that a child’s home environment is as healthy and happy as the environment we create in our community schools and centers.

All parents are served regardless of immigration status. Bilingual services are available. Children’s Aid endeavors to be a safe haven for children and parents alike.