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We use Restorative Practices to enhance communication skills, practice our values of Safety, Care, Connection, Leadership, Growth, and resolve conflicts.


The following types of programs and services are offered variously throughout the year over the center’s three program cycles:

Life Coaches are assigned to work with individual young people. Trained in Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change model, the coaches’ primary responsibility is to build transformational relationships with young people to support and engage them through a process of change and personal growth. The goal of the coaching experience is to help young people become motivated to take responsibility for themselves, their decisions and their lives.

In NGC’s Employment Program, young people learn to work while working. Participants move through a series of supported job readiness training and internship experiences. As they progress through phases of the program, they receive in-depth training, work experience, and personal and career coaching while acquiring hard and soft skills. Read More...


GED Preparation Classes help young people prepare to take the GED exam. Students meet with the instructor to create an individualized study plan focusing on the areas where they need the most reinforcement. All materials are provided to participants.

Advocacy and assistance with reviewing and understanding graduation requirements and credits, and the college and financial aid application process.

NGC offers a variety of visual and creative arts programming throughout the year.

Culinary Arts introduces participants to basic cooking and food preparation techniques as well as nutrition and nutritious eating. Participants learn about different foods, how to prepare them, and cook them in various ways. Following the cooking lesson, participants sit down together to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In addition to our computer lab, NGC has a fully equipped sound and video editing studio where members can create, record and edit their own music and video productions.


Community Groups explore issues related to healthy living, relationships, education, critical thinking, safety and personal growth.

Life Skills Workshops including money management, conflict resolution and Know Your Rights.

Referrals and Crisis Support to help young people connect to housing resources, public assistance, counseling and partner agencies.

Fitness Workshops focused on both strength training and cardio-vascular exercise. Classes also address healthy eating and lifestyle.

Reproductive Health Workshops focus on sharing accurate information in an open and supportive environment.

Advocacy Workshops train participants to understand critical issues affecting their community and to take action in creating change.