Employment Program

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In NGC’s Employment Program, young people learn to work while working. Participants move through a series of supported job readiness training and internship experiences. As they progress through phases of the program, they receive in-depth training, work experience, and personal and career coaching while acquiring hard and soft skills.

To start, participants first enroll in our Pre-Work Crew. For five weeks, they must consistently demonstrate the ability to show up on time, be prepared to work, complete assigned tasks, take instruction, and work effectively and respectfully in a team. The program holds participants accountable while treating mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning. Our goal is to support participants until they are ready, willing and able to succeed at work outside NGC.

After successfully completing and demonstrating the necessary skills and attitude required of Pre-Work, participants may apply to work in one of NGC’s Work Crews.  The Work Crews are comprised of 5-15 interns and are supervised by a Crew Manager. For more information about enrolling in our Employment Program, contact Unique Morris at (718) 589-4441; uniquem@childrensaidsociety.org.

NGC’s Work Crews train participants in the fields of Maintenance, Clerical, After school/Child care, Community Work and Food Service (see Next Generation Caterers)