Children and Teens Cheer as Parents Graduate

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Special Ceremony will Honor Adults who have Completed The Children's Aid Society's Parent Family Life and Sexuality Education Program

Ellen Lubell (o) 212-949-4938, (c) 917-854-6864
Emily Crossan (o) 917-286-1548, (c) 201-344-5742

Friday, June 1, 2007
6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Hunter College
East 68th Street and Lexington Avenue
West Building, Room 714

Realizing the importance of sexual education in their children’s development and their own roles as primary sexual educators, 115 parents have chosen to participate in special training with The Children's Aid Society’s Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Program’s Parent Family Life and Sexuality Program. This training supports parents as they help guide their children through the decisions of young adulthood. Friday’s ceremony marks the 21st graduating class of parents.

Parents from across the city – Washington Heights, East Harlem, Harlem, Queens, the Bronx and the Lower East Side – received 45 hours of training, beginning in September and ending in May, at various Children’s Aid Society locations and other community organizations.

The Children's Aid Society’s Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Program is a comprehensive “above-the-waist” model that helps adolescents focus their energies and outlook on a future that does not include becoming a teen parent. Through daily participation and support, teens in low-income families and communities are given opportunities and encouragement in many areas of their lives, including education, health care and the working world. The program is directed by Dr. Michael Carrera.

Parent participants are available for interview (in Spanish and English) at Friday’s ceremony.

The Children’s Aid Society was founded in 1853. It is one of the nation’s largest and most innovative non-sectarian agencies, serving over 150,000 of New York’s neediest children and their families. Children’s Aid has consistently been on the cutting edge of children’s services, creating programs in New York that serve as the models for new approaches to children’s issues nationally and internationally. For example, The Children’s Aid Society’s Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Program has been replicated or adapted at over 50 locations in 21 different states, and our community schools model has been adapted by public schools throughout the U.S. and internationally. For additional information please call 212-949-4938 or visit For more information on The Children's Aid Society’s Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Program, visit