Bicyclist-Advocates to Stop at Washington Heights Middle School to Make Climate Change Presentation

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Lisa Stein,, 718-614-2920
Ellen Lubell,, 212-949-4938

When: Tuesday, May 1, 4:00 – 5:15 p.m.

Where: Mirabal Sisters Campus
21 Jumel Place (at 168th Street)
Washington Heights

NEW YORK – David Kroodsma and Bill Bradlee from Ride for Climate will be meeting with middle school Recycle-A-Bicycle students at IS 90, the Mirabal Sisters School, on May 1 to talk about global warming.

"Ride for Climate USA" is a bicycle journey designed to raise awareness of global warming, inspire action and promote solutions. It is a grassroots project developed, organized and run by volunteers who believe that the US needs to do more to address global warming.

Kroodsma and Bradlee will address the impact and causes of climate change and what kids can do about global warming.

David Kroodsma received his Masters degree from Stanford University and worked studying global warming. Kroodsma recently rode his bicycle 15,000 miles from California to the southern tip of South America to raise awareness of the international consequences of global warming. "This is a problem which will affect everyone on the planet. Unfortunately, less than half of Americans believe that it is human caused," said Kroodsma. "This is why we are talking to people across the U.S.– we must take action now."

Bill Bradlee has worked for over a decade in the nonprofit sector educating people about environmental issues. "Many solutions are available to develop clean & safe energy, become more energy efficient and leave a healthy planet to our children," said Bradlee. "We live in a country known for ingenuity and we need to commit to energy innovation that will benefit both the economy and the environment."

Kroodsma and Bradlee will be stopping along their U.S. route to encourage a discussion around the causes, consequences and solutions to global warming. Their talks will help people understand changes they can make as well as how they can have a voice in shaping policies to address global warming. They will be keeping a blog with stories and photos of their journey. Their presentation will also discuss David and Bill's experience biking across the country as well as global warming as seen from David's 15,000 mile bicycle ride to the tip of South America.

Recycle-A-Bicycle is an innovative, fun youth environmental education initiative and job training program. We offer in-school programs in two junior high schools and after (or before) school programs in four schools city wide, where kids learn to ride, repair and rebuild bicycles. Nearly 1000 New York City kids have earned free bikes in our programs. Our ride clubs introduce provide young teens with outdoor activity and experience riding their bicycles safely in the city.

Recycle-A-Bicycle promotes everyday bicycle use, and it is a great place to learn bicycle mechanics, interact with positive, forward-thinking NYC youth. Our retail shops are the place to find that city bike you need.

The Children’s Aid Society is a large, innovative, nonsectarian children’s services agency that partners with the Department of Education in 21 public community schools in New York City. Children’s Aid provides out-of-school time, weekend and summer programming, in addition to health, dental and mental health services in the schools. Children’s Aid is pleased to partner with Recycle-A-Bicycle, to bring this exciting program to students at Mirabal Sisters Campus.

Recycle-A-Bicycle Press Contact:Lisa Stein
Cell: 718-614-2920

Rider Press Contact: David Kroodsma
Cell: (413) 658-4086

2nd Press Contact: Bill Bradlee
Cell: (206) 579-8725

The Children’s Aid Society Contact: Ellen Lubell
Ph: 212-949-4938

More information, including full bios and photos, is available on the website:

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