Children’s Aid Benefits from 101st New York Times Neediest Cases Fundraising Campaign

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The Children’s Aid Society is proud to be one of seven New York City charities that benefit from the Neediest Cases Fund, the annual campaign begun in 1911 by the publisher of the New York Times. Every year since then, the Fund has provided relief for emergency needs, including food, clothing, rent and utilities.

As they work with families in high poverty neighborhoods across New York City, our staff members can apply for this special funding all year long on behalf of their clients. In many cases, the Fund helps stabilize families in times of crisis or supports children who lack basic necessities.

This year, in response to Hurricane Sandy, a special fund has been established to aid families that have been impacted by the storm. Many have been displaced, lost work or wages, or suffered other setbacks as a result of the storm.

Through January 25, the Times will feature stories in print and online that highlight the struggles of families who got help from the Neediest Cases Fund.

You can read stories featuring Children’s Aid clients and staff through the links below.  You can donate to the Fund through The New York Times website.


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