A Statement from Richard Buery Regarding Mayor Bloomberg's Proposed Soda Ban and the Fight Against Childhood Obesity

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Obesity and diabetes are among the most serious health crises facing our children today. We applaud Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, Commissioner Thomas Farley, the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, and the Task Force on Obesity for putting forth a progressive agenda to address this endemic problem—from building urban farms on New York City Housing Authority land to expanding school wellness programs to creating safe spaces for play. We especially support the Mayor’s proposal to eliminate oversized sugary drinks. It is innovative and bold—exactly what we need in the face of a crisis that threatens the very foundation of health and quality of life for children across the country.

At Children’s Aid, we take obesity prevention seriously and work hard to make healthy choices easy for children within our sites. In our early childhood and after-school programs, we educate children and families about healthy eating through cooking, nutrition and gardening programs. We serve healthy meals full of fruits and vegetables and make sure children have plenty of opportunity for play and exercise. Yet, when children step outside of our centers and schools, they are often surrounded by unhealthy foods and drinks and exposed to an onslaught of advertisements that encourage ever greater consumption of junk. Without taking aggressive measures against this obesogenic environment, we will never curb the obesity crisis. We’re grateful to be working in partnership with a Mayor and City that are paving the way for national solutions.