New Children’s Aid Society Charter School to Give Neediest Kids Advantage Through Lottery

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First of Its Kind Lottery Will Emphasize Single-Parent Households, Kids from Child Welfare System, Those Below Self-Sufficiency Standard

New York, NY —The Children’s Aid Societytoday announced a first-of-its-kind lottery system for its new charter school in the South Bronx’s Morrisania neighborhood. The lottery system for Children’s Aid College Prep is open to all students but will emphasize particularly on needy students.  

 “We have always focused our resources on the most vulnerable young people in New York City and our first charter school will be no different,” said The Children’s Aid Society President and CEO Richard Buery. “All children will be a part of our new school, but those who have been involved in the child welfare system or who have other challenges that can dampen academic success should be given an additional boost.”

All applicants will receive one entry in the lottery and an additional entry for each of the following categories:

  • Students who come from single-parent households
  • Students from households below the NY self-sufficiency standard
  • Students who have not attended a full-day kindergarten
  • Students who are English language learners
  • Students who have been involved in the child welfare system.

For example, a student from a single-parent household and has been involved in the child welfare system will receive three entries, or chances to get in. The lottery will be held on April 9th at 11am at The Next Generation Centerat 1522 Southern Boulevard in the Bronx.

Ads in both Spanish and English will begin running today in an assortment of New York daily and weekly print outlets.

Poverty levels in Morrisania—a community where Children’s Aid has established service hubs and community schools serving more than 10,000 people over the last 10 years—exceed those of other New York City neighborhoods. Currently 57% of children in Morrisania are growing up in poverty and only 27% perform at or above grade level on standard reading tests, more than 15% lower than the City average.

The charter school is the first for Children’s Aid and will implement a community school model proven effective in improving academic performance, increasing attendance and retention, building confidence and self-esteem and addressing an extreme need for health services among poor children.  Community schools differ from other schools because they provide comprehensive services for children, including medical, dental, and mental health services, after-school programming, summer camps and family support services. Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School will incorporate community school best practices with a newly designed, rigorous instructional program that puts students on a college-bound path early.

“We know that the best way to escape poverty is through a holistic approach to supporting children that includes health, social, recreational and youth development services, in addition to education. The new charter school will combine excellent instruction, quality arts, sports and enrichment programs, and effective social services for children and their families, and create a school where every child is put on the path to college,” said Buery.

The Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School will serve 120 students in Kindergarten and 1st grade and eventually approximately 300 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The Children’s Aid Society’s deep roots in the South Bronx and its multi-site service centers in the surrounding community will enable the proposed school to provide effective youth development practices, comprehensive health care and a commitment to empowering parents, foster parents and other care-giving adults to become full partners in their children’s success.

The Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School is accepting applications for K-1 through April 2, 2012, more information at  The school will open in August 2012.


About The Children’s Aid Society
The Children’s Aid Society is an independent, not-for-profit organization established to serve the children of New York City. Our mission is to help children in poverty to succeed and thrive. We do this by providing comprehensive supports to children and their families in targeted high-needs New York City neighborhoods. Founded in 1853, it is one of the nation’s largest and most innovative non-sectarian agencies, serving New York’s neediest children. Services are provided in community schools, neighborhood centers, health clinics and camps. For additional information, please call Anthony Ramos at (212) 949-4938/ (917) 204-8214, email or visit