Children’s Aid Society President Endorses Gov Cuomo’s Tax Reform to Pay for Urban Youth Training

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Anthony Ramos, (w) 212-949-4938, (c) 917-204-8214,
Alex Howe, (w) 212-260-8813, (c) 202- 271-7997,

Richard Buery, Children’s Aid Society President and CEO:

"Governor Cuomo's plan for tax reform that demands more from the wealthiest – albeit less than the current Personal Income Tax Surcharge – couldn't come at a better time for the most vulnerable children in New York City. In addition, Governor Cuomo’s proposed stimulus package would help finance new programs to train urban youth to ensure that the neediest New Yorkers can develop the skills they need to reach full and productive adulthood," said The Children's Aid Society President and CEO Richard Buery. "A more progressive tax reform strategy is much-needed during this dire time, particularly for urban children and youth who deserve a chance to escape the intensifying poverty that continues its downward toll on the city."

The Children’s Aid Society is an independent, not-for-profit organization established to serve the children of New York City.  Our mission is to provide comprehensive support for children in need, from birth to young adulthood, and for their families, to fill the gaps between what children have and what they need to thrive. Founded in 1853, it is one of the nation’s largest and most innovative non-sectarian agencies, serving New York’s neediest children. Services are provided in community schools, neighborhood centers, health clinics and camps. For additional information, please call 212-949-4938, email, or visit