Teaching Immigrants to Trust NYPD

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An officer with the NYPD's 23rd Precinct in East Harlem meets children at a class for Mexican immigrants at the Children's Aid Society.

The following article, reported on DNAinfo.com, details the ongoing efforts of the Children's Aid Society to establish greater trust between undocumented immigrants and the NYPD. To combat fears of deportation, Children's Aid has initiated workshops and forums in East Harlem to educate undocumented immigrants about the city's "don't ask" policy and to encourage them to report criminal activities.

By Jon Schuppe

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

EAST HARLEM — After arriving in New York from Mexico seven years ago, Gabriela assumed that crime was something she’d have to endure.

Drug dealers had set up shop in her East Harlem apartment building, making her afraid to walk with her two young children. But Gabriela, a 28-year-old undocumented immigrant, thought that if she called the police, the bad guys would come after her, and the cops would get her deported.

“I was scared of talking to the police,” she recalled through an interpreter. “I was illegal, and I didn’t know if they’d retaliate against us.” Read More