Read Rich Buery’s op ed in New York Nonprofit Press

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Richard Buery’s ‘Point of View’ column in the July/August issue of “New York Nonprofit Press” makes the case for community schools as the kind of multifaceted strategy that can overcome chronic absence among school children.

If You’re Not in Class...

One of the New York State Lottery’s recent advertising slogans was You‘ve Got to Be In It to Win It.

In education, we can adopt a similar refrain: if you’re not in class, you won’t pass. Attendance is key to school success. Of course, attendance alone is not sufficient – describing what makes for an effective school would be a different essay – but we can all agree that the best school in the world can have no impact on the children who are not there.

While this may be obvious to educators, social workers and other youth advocates, there are numerous, complex reasons why so many young children miss so much of the school year. During the 2007-08 academic year, an astonishing 90,000 of New York City’s elementary-age children missed a month or more of school! Read More