Knicks Superstar Amar’e Stoudemire Visits Milbank!

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The cheers were deafening as Amar’e Stoudemire, the New York Knicks’ newest superstar, took the court. But this wasn’t his Madison Square Garden debut, it was his first visit to The Children’s Aid Society’s Dunlevy Milbank Center in Harlem.

On the afternoon of September 13th, Amar’e thrilled 100 students, ages 8-14, who gathered in the center’s gym to meet him and mark the start of the school year with his gifts of school supplies. MSG Network’s Gus Johnson had the students chanting and clapping as Stoudemire entered the gym after stepping off of a yellow school bus, his mode of transport from Children’s Aid’s Frederick Douglass Center, his first stop of the afternoon.

After the Knicks City Dancers performed for the crowd, Stoudemire spoke to the children about the importance of school and of life-long learning. He stressed that most people won’t become professional athletes or singers and that education is the key to future success.

Richard Buery, President and CEO of The Children’s Aid Society, and Casper Lassiter, Director of the Dunlevy Milbank Center, presented Amar’e with his very own Milbank Flyers T-shirt and proudly explained that the center’s boys’ basketball team placed fourth in a national competition this summer.

Each student received a bag of school supplies, courtesy of the Garden of Dreams and WB Mason, and had the chance to personally greet Amar’e and the Knicks City Dancers.

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