Domestic Violence Training and Technical Assistance Available from The Children’s Aid Society

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The Children's Aid Society's Family Wellness Program has been awarded a contract by ACS to build capacity among NYC foster care and preventive service providers in working effectively with families affected by domestic violence. 

The Family Wellness Program’s staff has extensive experience providing direct services to families involved with the child welfare system and struggling with current or past domestic violence. As part of this initiative the staff is available to provide technical assistance and group or individual case consultation for all NYC foster care and preventive service providers.

Agency-based trainings are now being offered, also free of charge, on the following topics. Other trainings can be customized to meet the needs of individual programs.

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • Best Practice with Families Affected by Domestic Violence involved in the Child Welfare System
  • Screening Parents, Children and Teens for Domestic Violence
  • Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence in Keeping Children Safe
  • Helping Children Heal from the Effects of Domestic Violence
  • Effective Intervention with Abusive Partners
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention & Intervention
  • Screening Potential Foster Parents for Domestic Violence
  • Safety Planning with Families Impacted by Domestic Violence
  • Responding Effectively to Employees Affected by Domestic Violence (for supervisors and managers)

To schedule a training or for more information, contact Manny Yonko at 212-949-4800 or

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