Children's Aid Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program Subject of NPR

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Children’s Aid Society’s Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program was recently the subject of a wonderful profile on NPR’s All Things Considered by reporter Brenda Wilson!

The broadcast explored the history of the proven-effective 25-year old program, jumping off from the Obama administration’s decision to fund an “evidence-based approach” to reducing teen pregnancy. One of the experts interviewed during the segment was Susan Philliber, the independent evaluator who researched his program, who called his results “impressive.”

The broadcast depicted the program’s comprehensive approach, and how Dr. Carrera developed his philosophy of linking the sexuality message to all the other concerns of young people, to invest in them the desire for a productive future they won’t want to risk.

Noting that “few have more experience with teen sexuality education and adolescent development than Michael Carrera,” the reporter points out that his model is one of 28 approved under the Replication of Evidence-based Programs, so that schools and community groups that want to replicate his model can receive federal funding for the implementation. “It’s hard to find people who don’t like the Carrera model,” Wilson says.

The segment ends with the pronouncement that while there are other programs on the administration’s list for communities to choose, “few are as comprehensive as Carrera’s.”

View the segment or read more here.