Children’s Aid Featured in The New York Times Neediest Cases Fundraising Campaign

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The holiday giving season kicked off on Sunday, November 8 with the launch of The New York Times 98th Neediest Cases fundraising campaign. The Children’s Aid Society is one of seven New York charities that benefit from the Times’ annual campaign, which raises much-needed funds for emergency assistance for low-income families.

Every day through the end of January, the Times will feature a story in the paper and on its website highlighting the plight of families living in poverty who have received assistance through the Neediest Cases campaign. The stories shine a light on stories both personal and universal – stories of families affected by the subprime mortgage crisis and facing eviction, of health care emergencies and job losses threatening carefully managed budgets and of immigrants struggling for a better life in a new country.

These personal stories allow donors to understand the impact their donations have in helping low-income families overcome obstacles.

Although the Neediest Cases stories run for only three months of the holiday season, the money raised makes a critical difference in the lives of thousands of New York City families throughout the year.

Read the stories in this season’s campaign and donate on The New York Times website.

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