Mayor’s Preliminary Budget Leaves City Children and Working Parents Stranded

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Mayor Bloomberg’s released his preliminary budget for New York City.  While many programs and services have been protected, the proposed budget fails to include funding for child care and after-school programs for more than 47,000 children currently enrolled in these programs.  The Mayor’s proposed budget would eliminate child care for 15,900 children, and would cut after-school programs for 31,800 children – leaving 47,000 of New York’s children and their families stranded without care. Currently, Children's Aid serves 2,280 children in city-funded OST programs and more than 600 childrens in early childhood programs.

These sweeping cuts would strike a devastating blow to New York City’s working parents – who depend on these critical services to keep their jobs – and their children – who need these early education and after-school programs for future success. The cuts represent a dramatic departure from the Mayor’s stated desire to make education reforms and economic development his top priorities and the foundation of his legacy as mayor.

What you can do:

Call Mayor Bloomberg (311) and tell him that high quality after-school programs and childcare/early childhood education are essential for both children and working families.  Or write to him at:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

You can also send a letter to Mayor Bloomberg and other elected officals by clicking here.