Web Resources for New York City Legal Advocacy Providers

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The Association of the Bar of the City of New York offers free or low-cost legal consultation and services in a wide range of areas, including immigration, trafficking, family court, domestic violence, bankruptcy and housing.

At the Social Security Administration Web site, you can apply online for disability benefits, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and find information on numerous services and benefits available to cardholders.

The Community Service Society of New York addresses the needs of low-income New Yorkers, conducts research and helps train social services professionals and activists.

The official New York City Web site provides information and assistance regarding schools, public benefits, housing, public safety, sanitation and other matters of concern to city residents.

The Western New York Law Center provides access to legal services, publications, statutes, regulations, court decisions and welfare law.

Determine your government benefit eligibility through this free, confidential and and easy-to-use online screening tool.

Pro Bono Net is a national, nonprofit organization that works in close partnership with nonprofit legal organizations across the country to increase access to justice for poor and moderate-income people and other vulnerable populations.

This Web site helps you find a lawyer and educate yourself on a variety of legal topics, including immigration, civil rights and family law.

For further inquiries

Please contact: The Children’s Aid Society Office of Public Policy and Client Advocacy (212) 358-8930