Academic Support

The main focus at Hope Leadership Academy is to help participants gain the tools and confidence to excel in high school, gain entrance to a college and succeed in graduating with a college degree. Our case management system helps to ensure that each participant gets the support and attention necessary to achieve these goals. Participants are assigned a "primary person" (a staff member) who makes a holistic assessment of the student and ensures that all areas of the student's life are on track. When staff notices a gap in a student's educational needs, they have access to volunteer tutors who can meet with the student on a regular basis. The staff team is also available to students who need help with academics but do not have a scheduled tutoring session.


Many Hope participants need help to strengthen their academic skills and reinforce the educational concepts that they learn in school. The tutoring program at Hope Leadership Academy supports teens in their educational pursuits by providing them with individual or group tutoring help for the school curriculum as well as standardized tests. Our goals are for our participants to succeed in college and receive a college degree. In order to help them attain this goal, our tutoring program helps teens improve their grades in high school and increase their confidence in their educational abilities. Teens commit to a schedule with a volunteer tutor for one hour per week in the subject that they are struggling in most. The highly trained tutor will assess the students’ needs and provide them individualized academic help.

Open to young people 14-18 enrolled at Hope.

Tutoring sessions are planned by the tutors and students to fit their schedules.