Summer Institute

Hope members who have attended a retreat and have participated in programming on a regular basis are eligible for the Summer Institute at Hope Leadership Academy, a seven-week program that offers more intensive trainings and allows young people to sharpen their leadership skills. This is a highly coveted paid summer job. Work takes place at Hope Leadership Academy Monday through Friday and focuses on training the teens to be peer educators. In group workshops, youth address difficult issues that they encounter in their lives and neighborhoods, including family and relationship violence, gang  and police violence, racism and discrimination, substance abuse and more. They then learn sophisticated strategies for conflict resolution, anger management, violence prevention and victim assistance. Participants will also utilize a specially designed curriculum to learn about becoming financially knowledgeable and aware and become effective trainers on all of these subjects.

Once youth complete the training and become certified as peer educators, they bring their message of peaceful conflict resolution and cultural awareness to their peers and adults by way of topic oriented trainings. These workshops can be tailored for children in local schools, youth at CAS sites and other community organizations, CAS staff, CAS foster parents and other community residents. Since the program's inception in 2001, Hope has trained hundreds of adolescents as peer educators and delivered workshops to thousands of youth and adult community members.

Members of Hope Leadership Academy who consistently attend and have attended a retreat are invited to apply for SYEP funding for the Summer Institute.

The program runs Monday through Friday 11am-5pm in the summer.