YES Program

The YES (Youth Employment Summer) program was founded by Dartmouth College alumnus Michael Stern in 1992. Mr. Stern founded the program in hopes of planting the seeds of future business leaders in inner-city high school kids by placing them in corporate summer internships.  Starting with just four students in the summer of 1992, the YES program has grown to having more than 20 interns each summer.  This year, 25 graduates of the Corporate Workplace program got YES jobs this summer. The students are placed in corporate internships Monday through Thursday 9-5 and then meet with the YES staff on Friday mornings to discuss how the work placement is going as a group and then go on cultural trips together in the afternoon.

A highlight of the program is a four day trip to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Every summer the YES interns and YES staff make a trip to Dartmouth College to foster excitement in the college process. The students get to meet a myriad of college students at Dartmouth and become aware of the vast opportunities that going to college can offer.  They also get exposed to the diverse student body at Dartmouth and an understanding of how to interact with people who may come from different backgrounds.  The trip is full of programming events such as a diversity workshops, college admissions and financial aid workshops, a basketball game with Dartmouth students , class attendance, a visit to the Shattuck Observatory, a museum visit , theater tickets and much more.

Students will leave the YES program having developed new workplace skills that will help them become future leaders in society. The skills these students develop are not the only positive outcome of the YES program, the corporate sponsors who hire the young people also play a role in their preparation.

The YES Program takes place Monday to Friday during the summer for teens who have successfully completed The Corporate Workplace Program.