College Graduation:
The Pathway Out of Poverty

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In the next decade, the majority of new jobs in America will require a college degree, yet more than one million youth drop out of high school each year. This education crisis disproportionately affects children in high-needs neighborhoods and perpetuates a cycle of inter-generational poverty.

For the past 160 years, The Children’s Aid Society has worked hard to help New York City's neediest children succeed and thrive. Every year, we provide a comprehensive range of services to more than 70,000 children – each of whom deserves a permanent escape from poverty and a chance to take part in the American Dream.

At Children’s Aid, we surround our youth with the vital health, education and family support systems they need to become healthy, well-adjusted and productive adults. We know these supports must be comprehensive and long-term – spanning all stages of a child’s development from birth to young adulthood – in order to be truly effective.

To meet this challenge, we focus our work on a collective goal: to inspire the children in our care to achieve college graduation. By insisting on this aspiration for all children, we embrace the promise in each and every child.

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Tune in! Learn more about our efforts to combat the high school dropout crisis on American Graduate Day, airing on PBS stations September 22.