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Children’s Aid Society CAS Go!Kids Program
New York City Testimonials
June 2010

There have been exercise classes and health instruction in some of the places where I’ve taught, but CAS Go!Kids is different. This is the first time I’ve seen the children really engaged in learning about nutrition and physical fitness. …I get to see the connection between what they learn when they’re engaged in the CAS Go!Kids lessons and what I work with them on the rest of the day. These kids do know the names of all the common vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products. They know which foods are “go” or “slow” and ones you should eat “just a little bit” of. And the home assignments they bring in show that they’re working on their parents.

Rommy Guzman
Teacher, P.S. 5

I’ve been working at P.S. 5 for nine years now. One big change I’ve seen since the start of the CAS Go!Kids program has to do with the kinds of food that the parents bring into the school for the holiday parties. It used to be that we’d see lots of dishes with rice, beans and other starches, and all sorts of amazing chocolate cakes and sweets for dessert. This past December it was vegetable platters, fruit salads, yogurt and nuts… I said to myself at one point, “You know, this is a Christmas party. I wouldn’t mind having a slice of chocolate cake.”

Tamara Royal
Head Start Education Director

Children were amazed with Slow Food Sam and they made the right association and are singing the Go foods song by themselves.

Ms. Cobb
Drew Hamilton Center

I like the simplicity and flexibility of the program. We love how the children learn while playing around.

Ms. Jennifer
East Harlem Center

We have no problem doing the lessons. They are short and the children enjoy doing the activities.

Ms. Joanna
Frederick Douglass Center

The Go!Kids Program does make a difference in our program. It encourages healthy eating awareness in our children and families, and staff members as well. Great program!

Ms. Ana
P.S. 8

The Go!Kids Program opened my eyes about making the right choices of food/exercise for me and my family. Thanks to the program I have reduced my soda intake to a minimum, now I substitute natural fruit juices instead of soda and artificial sweets drinks.

Ms. Romi
P.S. 5

The Go!Kids Program has helped me and my students a great deal…The program helped our children understand health/physical activity and the relationship between eating Go Foods and staying active to have a healthy life.

Ms. Emily
The Bronx Early Childhood Center