The Heart of the Curriculum

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The success of CAS Go!Kids comes from its comprehensive scope. Children learn not only what to eat, but how healthy foods build strong bodies. Building on this knowledge, the cooking demonstrations help make healthy food a fun-filled exploration into new flavors and textures with kid-tested winning recipes.

Body basics

  • Every body is special and unique
  • Our bodies deserve the best:
    • healthy foods
    • regular exercise

Food basics

  • Healthy “go!” foods give us energy; unhealthy “slow” foods slow our bodies down
  • We need a variety of healthy “go!” foods to build strong bodies


  • Moving our bodies gives us energy and makes us strong
  • Breathing and stretching helps us relax

Adventures with food

  • Hands-on cooking activities in the classroom helps us explore flavors, aromas, and textures of different foods
  • We discover that healthy foods taste great