Food Justice Program

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A new addition to Go! Healthy is our 15-week Food Justice program for middle and high school students. It combines the basic tenets of our Go! Chefs program with an introduction to project-based advocacy. In addition to learning about individual health and cooking, students explore food through the lens of social justice. This includes learning about how advertising influences people, how processed food impacts health, where food comes from and how it is grown and distributed. Students explore their own community health through discussions and a Community Food Assessment.

The goal of the program is to empower students to become advocates by designing and implementing a project aimed at making their community healthier. Examples of student projects include building a school garden out of recycled lockers, filming a video on Food Justice and creating a workshop series and Cooking Kits to encourage peers to prepare healthy snacks in high school Advisory Classes.

Click "Play" below to see the Food Justice program in action!