Intel Computer Clubhouse

The Intel Computer Clubhouse at Frederick Douglass Center is a creative space where young people work with adult professionals and student mentors to learn how to use advanced computer technologies to explore their own ideas, develop skills and build confidence in themselves.

The Clubhouse provides a variety of design tools, from introductory painting programs to high-end animation tools. Digital music production and recording, video editing and mixing tools, three-dimensional modeling tools and other multimedia projects are also available. Youth learn how to use the new technology, but more importantly, they learn to express themselves through these tools.

Clubhouse goals include:

  • Provide an interesting, challenging and fun environment.
  • Help members to inspire and motivate themselves and others.
  • Learn social and professional skills.
  • Learn how to set and achieve group and individual goals.
  • Work collaboratively on projects, encouraging teamwork efforts.
  • Learn through the creative process to solve problems.
  • Think outside the box.

The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network supports community-based Clubhouses around the world, providing thousands of youth the access to resources, skills and experiences to help them succeed in their careers, contribute to their communities and lead outstanding lives.

For more information

To learn more about this program please contact Martin Heywood at (212) 865-6337.