2011 CoWAP Conference Call for Proposals

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Call for Conference Proposals!

One Size Does Not Fit All:

Advancing the Dialogue on Working with Abusive Partners

The second CoWAP Conference · June 2, 2011 · NYC

About the Conference
This is the second conference organized by CoWAP (the NYC Coalition on Working with Abusive Partners.) CoWAP held its first Conference in 2009 to establish a forum for dialogue about expanding services to abusive partners while maintaining our priorities of safety for victims and children and accountability for abusive behavior. The 2011Conference will build on the theme of exploring diverse approaches to working with abusive partners by:

  • Hosting national experts to discuss the research, controversies and innovative intervention and prevention strategies related to abuse in intimate relationships
  • Inviting local providers of domestic violence prevention and intervention services to network and facilitate workshops for sharing knowledge, ideas and resources
  • Continuing to facilitate an inclusive dialogue and strategize about next steps for improving our capacity to prevent abusive behavior and intervene with perpetrators of domestic violence.

This one-day conference will be designed for anyone working in the anti-domestic violence movement, as well as legal and social service professionals working with survivors, abusers, teens and children impacted by domestic violence.

Call for Proposals! Please submit proposals for conference workshops by March 15, 2011.
Be a part of the second CoWAP Conference by presenting on your area of expertise. We are looking for proposals for Conference workshops on a wide range of topics related to prevention or intervention of intimate partner abuse, including:

  • Innovative models for prevention of abuse
  • Accountability-Focused Models
  • Intervention with LGBTQ Perpetrators
  • Culturally Specific Models
  • Teen Abusers
  • Concurrent Treatment of Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Restorative Justice
  • Research on Efficacy of Intervention/Prevention Programs
  • Therapeutic Intervention
  • Survivor’s Perspectives on intervention with abusive partners
  • Primary Aggressor Assessment
  • Intervention with Non-Physical Abuse
  • Other relevant topics

How to Submit a Proposal for a Conference Presentation:
Email CoWAPNYC@gmail.com by March 15, 2010 with the following:

  • Title of proposed presentation
  • Abstract: 50-word abstract to be published in the conference program if accepted
  • Summary of presentation: 300 words maximum description of your proposed presentation that includes:

                   a. Presentation type (Panel, lecture, paper presentation, interactive                               workshop, etc.)
                   b. Two or three main objectives of your presentation (what the                                         audience will take away)
                   c. A summary of the information to be covered
                   d. Relevance to conference attendees
                   e. Intended Audience

  • Contact Information for all co-presenters

About the Coalition on Working with Abusive Partners (CoWAP)
The Coalition on Working with Abusive Partners (CoWAP) is comprised of representatives of organizations concerned with preventing and ending abusive behavior in intimate relationships. CoWAP’s mission is to identify effective strategies for addressing the complex factors contributing to abusive behavior; to encourage and support behavior change while simultaneously holding abusive partners accountable; and to support service providers and community members in their efforts to prevent and intervene in intimate partner violence. This mission is in the interest of our primary goal of safety and well-being for survivors of domestic violence and their children and of our vision for healthy children, safe families and peaceful communities. For more information email CoWAPNYC@gmail.com.

Download Call for Proposals Flyer