Saturday Program

Study Now Play Later
This program is designed to provide a supportive, social atmosphere to increase self-esteem. Additionally, emphasis is placed on the importance of the relationship between academics and athletics by providing a stimulating and rewarding environment for all participants.

Tutorial Program
This component is designed to provide academic assistance to all youngsters in the program. Students are divided by age and tutored for approximately one and a half hours every Saturday. All participants take part in the tutorial program before going onto recreational activities.

Instructional Swimming
Students are engaged in a 6-week fundamental training on the basics of swimming. Participants are awarded certificates upon completion of their training.

Martial Arts
The martial arts class is open to any participants enrolled in the program. All participants are encouraged to participate, that encourage self-discipline and self-esteem among participants.

In-House Basketball Tournament
This particular component is designed to foster social skills, increase self-esteem and create a sense of unity and responsibility. The youngsters are divided into three divisions: Itty Biddy (5-7 years), Super Biddy (8-11 years), and Biddy (12-13 years). There are five teams in each division. Each team is named after a college or university. Upon completion of the league, there will be a banquet where every participant receives awards in the form of trophies and medals.

Computer Instruction
Instruction is designed to introduce participants to the different components of computers as well as different programs and applications.

Arts & Crafts
Different themes and media are used to explore artistic expressions. The participants of the art class will have an opportunity to display their work once a month during the program year.

The class will consist of very basic Modern, Ballet & Jazz technique study and improvisation. The class explores movement, space, rhythm and the student’s own creativity. Classes will be inspired by nature, music, art, and human emotions.

For more information

For more information about registering for this program at Dunlevy Milbank, please call (212) 996-1716.