Giving to CAS through Payroll Deduction

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You can help at work.

Whether as a payroll deduction or a one-time gift, your donation to The Children’s Aid Society will make a difference in the lives of New York City youth. The instructions below provide important numbers that will enable you to direct your generous contribution to The Children's Aid Society.

Private Sector, State & Local Government Employees

If you are a New York State employee, look for The Children’s Aid Society in the listing of charities for your payroll deductions, or choose to make a one-time gift. As part of the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA), please select SEFA # 51-00567 on your campaign pledge card. If you are an employee of New York City, we also participate in the Combined Municipal Campaigns (CMC) program, for which you may select The Children’s Aid Society, CMC #0273.

City University of New York (CUNY) Employees

All employees of the CUNY system are provided with the opportunity to contribute in easy, convenient installments set up as a payroll deduction. To select The Children’s Aid Society use # 0273. Every September, CUNY holds awareness-raising events to encourage participation in their payroll-deduction program. If you are a City University of New York employee, ask CUNY administrative staff about this program.

United Way

If your company's employee giving program includes the United Way, look for The Children’s Aid Society in the listing of charities. Most local United Way programs also allow donors to specify a charity other than those listed. All you need to do is write in The Children’s Aid Society on the "donor-option" line or provide The Children’s Aid Society’s EIN number, 13-5562191, on your campaign giving form.