The Charles Loring Brace Society

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The Charles Loring Brace Society is a special recognition program formed to honor individuals who make a deferred gift to The Children's Aid Society or notify us of an estate plan that will ultimately benefit Children's Aid. During his life, Charles Loring Brace came to be called the "children's friend," pioneering a bold new world of child welfare before the concept of child welfare even existed. Much of Brace's success as the founder of The Children's Aid Society can be credited to his personal character: "He had every quality for philanthropic work: clear insight, supreme diligence and indomitable patience," wrote someone who knew him well. Brace's legacy of compassion has characterized The Children's Aid Society since its origins in 1853. So it is entirely fitting that the Charles Loring Brace Society gives special honor to individuals who share his concerns and compassion for New York's children. Charles Loring Brace Society members continue a long tradition of serving the most vulnerable in our society…our children. Through their far-sighted thoughtfulness and commitment, these donors assure the continuity of Children's Aid's services to children through many decades to come.

Deferred Gift Options:

By making a deferred gift to The Children's Aid Society, you can invest in a disadvantaged child's future as well as your own. All of the options described below let you extend your commitment to New York's children beyond your lifetime, through the continuing stewardship of Children's Aid.

  • Bequests in wills or living trusts;
  • Life income gifts through charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts or our Pooled Income Fund;
  • Beneficiary designations of financial accounts, retirement plans, or life insurance policies;
  • Life insurance policy donations;
  • Remainder interest in a personal residence; or
  • Charitable lead trusts.


In addition to the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are assisting children and families in need, as a member of the Charles Loring Brace Society, you will receive the following:

  • Recognition of your generosity toward Children's Aid in the annual roll of Charles Loring Brace Society members published as part of our Annual Report.
  • An invitation to an annual reception for Charles Loring Brace Society members.
  • Invitations to periodic educational and social events with our Trustees.

Other potential advantages include significant savings on income taxes, reduced estate taxes, avoidance of capital gain tax on appreciated gift assets, and a secure life income for yourself or another loved one.

Membership Guidelines

Individuals notifying us that they have a deferred gift plan in place benefiting The Children's Aid Society will be welcomed as members of the Charles Loring Brace Society.

  • A deferred gift provision of any amount qualifies an individual for membership in the Society.
  • The spouse of a donor may also hold joint membership.
  • Anonymity will be assured if desired.
  • Deferred gifts may be unrestricted for the broad benefit of Children's Aid, or designated for any Children's Aid program.

Click here to download the application.