Project L.I.V.E. - Learning Industry through Volunteer Educators

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The goal of Project LIVE is to help middle school students make successful transitions to high school and beyond. Mentors help ease this dramatic transition by helping youth develop self-esteem and self-acceptance. Academic assistance and encouragement is emphasized, and youth are encouraged to explore career options and set goals for the future.

Mentors also help students by:

  • Increasing literacy.
  • Motivating youth to do well in school.
  • Fostering important life and social skills.
  • Teaching the connection between education and employment.
  • Increasing students' sense of self-worth.
  • Teaching workforce skills.
  • Promoting community service.

Who are the Mentees?
Students are seventh and eighth graders, ages 12 to 14, from Central and East Harlem.

Who are the Mentors?
Volunteers must have a dynamic personality to engage youth in activities and discussions. They also must have the patience to work with this age group.

What is the Mentor's Role?
Mentors cultivate meaningful and positive relationships with their mentees. This is done by helping with homework, participating in or leading career workshops, fostering leadership and study skills and encouraging character development.

Time Commitment
Project LIVE mentors meet 6-8 p.m. Tuesdays or Wednesdays from October through May. Sessions are not held during school vacations.