Sustain What You've Started

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The Children's Aid Society views sustainability as involving not only aggressive fundraising but also public relations, constituency-building and advocacy. This approach is consistent with that recommended by The Finance Project, a non-profit policy research organization that helps develop creative ways of financing children’s services.

  • Fundraising: Community schools can attract new funding through public and private sources. They also can generate funds through the reallocation of existing resources. One way to do this would be moving a city-funded social worker from a central clinic into the school. For a list of sources of Children's Aid community school funds, click here for a free copy of our Community Schools Sustainability Case Study.
  • Public Relations: Once you adopt the community schools strategy, it’s important to generate visibility about your new way of doing business and publicize your positive results. Remember: Success breeds success.
  • Constituency-Building: Having champions at many levels can help you sustain your work. This includes civic leaders, parents and students, among others.
  • Advocacy: Don’t forget to let your elected officials know about your work, and be prepared to advise them about specific ways they can support your community school efforts.