Starting A Community School

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The Children's Aid Society's National Center for Community Schools

In 1994, The Children's Aid Society (CAS) founded the National Center for Community Schools in response to increased demand for information and advice about community schools implementation. Since then the Center has facilitated the development of over 15,000 community school adaptations nationally and internationally. The Center is a practice-based organization that draws from the CAS community schools implementation as well as from other exemplary initiatives around the USA and abroad. The Center has provided assistance to all major community school initiatives in the USA and abroad. To date, it has worked with 54 cities in the United States, thousands of visitors from virtually every state in the US and 43 countries have come to New York to learn from our practitioners and view the schools in action. Every school in England has adapted the model and all schools in Scotland incorporate elements of the community school model. Approximately 1,000 schools in the Netherlands are based on the CAS model. Colombia, South Africa, Bonaire and the Czech Republic have piloted the strategy on a smaller scale. The Center also plays a leading role in local and national advocacy to progress the community school movement and highlights this approach in the broader education agenda.

Are you interested in adopting the Community School model?

The Children's Aid Society's National Center for Community Schools (NCCS) can help.

Since 1994, the NCCS has helped thousands of professionals adapt our model to the needs and strengths of their communities. The Center works to help public schools and community organizations work together in long-term partnerships that benefit children and families.

For more information, contact the National Center for Community Schools at (646) 867-6660 or by email at or visit their website: