Leadership Message

Extended learning time and expanded learning opportunities have been central to the community schools strategy since its inception—both here in New York City, where The Children’s Aid Society has partnered with our public schools since 1992, and around the country.


Over the past ten years, through a neighborhood-by-neighborhood planning process and sustained community engagement, traditional elementary schools, magnet schools and high schools in the Cincinnati Public School (CPS) system have each developed their own customized set of partnerships with community organizations and resources that are selected by each school’s site-based governing committee.

Across community schools in the United States and abroad, creative after-school, weekend, holiday and summer programs have been a natural entry point and an anchor of school-based extended services.

One of the central components of the Children’s Aid Society’s (CAS) Community School strategy is Expanded Learning, which comprises after-school, Saturday, summer and holiday programs available to all of our students as well as integrated school-day programs that provide for some students.