Leadership Message

Debate over the impact of the arts on learning has persisted since the mid-1900’s when drawing and singing became part of the United States school curriculum. For community schools practitioners there is no debate.


Although the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) is not an arts organization, throughout its history the arts have been indispensable, not just an add-on. Even during this challenging economic time the Arts Committee of our Board of Directors is determined to maintain the arts across the agency.

The Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP) at Columbia College, Chicago, has been invested in infusing arts learning into its various outreach and campus/community partnership programs through the past 13 years, since the Center’s inception.

James Lyng High School is a Canadian secondary school located in the southwest sector of Montreal in Quebec. This part of the city was once the heart of an industrial and manufacturing powerhouse, but in more recent times it has become seriously disadvantaged.