Leadership Message

A new phrase that recently entered the national education lexicon is “the P-20 continuum” or the “P-20 pipeline.” The P stands variously for pre-natal or pre-kindergarten, and the 20 represents the age at which many young people are launched into the world of work. The thinking behind this phrase is important, right-headed and long overdue because it recognizes that the goal of education at all levels is to prepare young people for productive adulthood—and that the levels are intrinsically connected, starting with our youngest children.


Local News    The Children’s Aid Society’s early childhood initiative is located in two of our New York City Community Schools, P.S. 5 and P.S. 8, in the Washington Heights section of northern Manhattan. Designed as a partnership between the New York City Department of Education and Children’s Aid, this collaboration brings expectant families, newborns and families with children up to age five into the schools in which the children will complete fifth grade.

International News    The province of Quebec is a pioneer in introducing universal and low-cost early childcare programs in Canada (known as "Centres de la Petite Enfance" or CPE). However only a few of these are school-based; the Community Learning Centers (CLC), a partnership that aims to support the holistic development of citizens and communities, has a community school beginning to implement a CPE. Though still at the formative stage, this approach holds great promise.

National News    The past decade has produced unprecedented interest in early childhood programs and in improving the quality of early learning experiences. While a number of factors might explain this increased focus, two or three immediately come to mind.