Aloha represents the central core value of communities in Hawaii: the life force of love, compassion and connectedness. This spirit lives through ‘ohana, the Hawaiian conception of family that bonds individuals beyond the scope of mere blood relations.


Three Children’s Aid Society community schools—PS 5, PS 8 and CS 61—agreed to participate in a research project conducted by Sanjiv Rao as part of his doctoral studies at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service.

Visitor Profiles

On May 9, Michael Nolan, Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy; Susan Reed, Policy Analyst, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives; and Sarah Peterson, Director of Community Schools visited the Mirabal Sisters Campus to learn about the partnership between the school and The Children’s Aid Society and to see it in action.

What's Informing Our Thinking

This month we recommend a new groundbreaking study of schools that effectively educate African-American and Latino boys, a valuable tool for anyone interested in creating game-changing education for marginalized young men of color.