The Children’s Aid Society has a 22-year history of providing an innovative and effective approach to parent and family engagement in its northern Manhattan community schools.


While students’ thoughts turn to relaxation and fun, community school principals, teachers, partners, and stakeholders are busy using the remaining weeks of summer to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs, services, or initiatives.

Visitor Profiles

On July 8, Aleisha Holder, an attorney at Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC), and her colleagues Maria Clarke McCleave, manager, social and community Services, and Renatta Jones, manager, settlements and community relations, attended a study visit at the National Center for Community School (NCCS).

What's Informing Our Thinking

This brief but compelling report documents the growth of poverty among the nation’s school children over the past decade and outlines the serious implications of this trend, if ignored, for the nation’s future.