We are delighted that two Children's Aid Society (CAS) community schools, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School and Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School, serving students in grades 6-12, are among the 30 initial recipients of the New York State Education Department Community Schools Grant.


The work of community schools (CS) is spreading with deeper focus and intentionality. Positive outcomes and concerted advocacy have contributed to growing momentum across the nation.

Visitor Profiles

On January 27, less than a month as New York City schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña visited one of the Department of Education/Children’s Aid Society flagship community schools, the Mirabal Sisters Campus in Washington Heights. She toured the school....

What's Informing Our Thinking

Understanding what really goes through a child’s mind as an infant, in school and during adolescence is a major mystery for most parents, educators and most people who work with kids.