From the CEO - September 2012

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Dear Friends:

What a way to start the school year!

On August 29, I had the privilege of looking on as dozens of kindergartners and first-graders passed through the freshly painted doors of their new school, Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School. On that day, we officially opened our doors and made good on our promise to 132 children and their families in the Morrisania neighborhood of the South Bronx.

Children’s Aid College Prep provides a nurturing school environment for a neglected community. It prioritizes struggling students, such as those who are English language learners, at risk of academic failure or currently involved in the child welfare system. Its mission is to ensure that these children achieve academic success by providing them with a first-rate education and physical, emotional, and social support, fostering a sense of hope while serving as a safe and engaging community hub.

The Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School bears our name and our relentless commitment to excellence. It reflects our belief that the future of even the most vulnerable child is without limit, and it will succeed because of our commitment to academic achievement and the healthy development of children. While the journey ahead is long, we are certain that we are giving our children the absolute best chance to be part of college graduating classes in 2029.

That’s our goal for all the children in our care, whether they come to us through one of our 12 community schools, our 13 community centers or our 17 family services, adoption and foster care sites. The comprehensive support we provide in high-needs neighborhoods is transformational for children and their families. Just beyond the doors to a new school lies a pathway out of poverty and toward a better life.

As we mark the start of school at our Children’s Aid College Prep and at locations across the city, we are proud to partner with you to improve the lives of thousands of New Yorkers in need. Thank you for your support.


Richard Buery