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Parents Making the Right Choice

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For 28 years, The Children's Aid Society’s Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAS-Carrera) has been helping parents navigate the talks they have with their children about their sexuality, through the Parent Family Life & Sexuality Education program (PFLSE). On Friday, June 6, CAS-Carrera held its most recent graduation ceremony, at Hunter College, for dozens of parents who hoped to, and will do, a better job at guiding their children.

2014 Iron Go!Chefs Competition

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For the young chefs in The Children’s Aid Society’s Go!Healthy cooking and nutrition programs, the Iron Go!Chefs competition, modeled after the Food Network's TV show Iron Chef America,

An Amazing Trip to the White House

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Several days ago, we reported about a very special trip taken by a girl, Jayda Collazo, who goes to our Milbank Dunlevy Center to participate in the Boys & Girls Club. She’s part of a program called Do-it-Yourself STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and it’s an increasingly important part of education to prepare young people for successful careers. And Jayda has embraced STEM as a path to her goal of becoming a pediatrician.

An Evening with Acclaimed Author Regina Calcaterra

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Please join us for a night of inspiration and education. New York Times bestselling author Regina Calcaterra will discuss her critically acclaimed book Etched in Sand, a powerful memoir about her struggles and survival as a child in foster care on Long Island. Her book is available at most public libraries and from booksellers.

A Battle for Children's Health

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Today, a number of our allies are at the New York State Court of Appeals making the case for a cap on the portion size of sodas and other sugary drinks to 16 ounces. This regulation was the work of the Bloomberg administration. While it generated lots of questions and a fair bit of controversy, one thing is certain: high-calorie sugary drinks have had a serious impact on the health of obese children across the city.

May is Foster Care Month: Hilda Nunez Opens Her Heart and Home to Teens

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Hilda Nunez, a case manager for a nonprofit that serves the elderly, has been a foster parent for almost a decade, but it might never have happened if she hadn’t talked to her neighbor one day.

That neighbor, in Hunts Point in the Bronx, saw how Hilda was around children, and she suggested that Hilda become a foster parent.

NYBGCA Youth of Year Competition

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Last week, The Children’s Aid Society was represented by Ciarra Leocadio in the New York State Youth of the Year competition. Ciarra, who is part of the Boys & Girls Club out of the Hope Leadership Academy, traveled to Albany on Sunday, May 18, with Angela Sharpe.

New York Knicks Player J.R. Smith Visits Fred Doug

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On Tuesday, New York Knicks player J.R. Smith dropped by The Children’s Aid Society’s Frederick Douglass Center to hang out with our kids and their families.

May is Foster Care Month: Geraldine Williams does not like a quiet home

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Several years ago, that was what she came back to each night after work. The youngest of her four children had moved out. Her husband had recently passed away. She was missing something.

“I needed some kids in the house,” said Geraldine.

May is Foster Care Month: Opening Hearts Through the Home

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May is National Foster Care Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the many people that open their hearts when a young person is in need of a stable home and emotional support during a family crisis. It’s also a time to acknowledge that there are approximately 400,000 children and youth in foster care on any given day—and that there is always a need for new foster parents who want to change the lives of young people.

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