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Obamacare happy hour? (12.5.13)

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Obama told the crowd at Wednesday’s White House Youth Summit to push Obamacare on their friends, and he had some suggestions as to what method to use, including, “If you are a bartender, have a happy hour. And also probably get health insurance because a lot of people don't have it.”

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Twitter Improves Age-Screening For Following Alcohol Brands (12.3.13)

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Twitter today announced it has simplified the experience of following alcohol brands on its service, across Web, Android, and iOS apps. The improvement integrates a new age-screening experience on the social network, letting alcohol brands safely grow their of-age network of followers.


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PRC Receives Funding to Help Local Communities

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DECEMBER 2013 - The Children's Aid Society - NYC Prevention Resource Center has received federal and city funding to stregthen the capacity of local neighorborhoods to address issues related to alcohol and substance abuse.

Rowdy Bar Hikes Drinking Age to 25 to Pacify Neighbors (11.22.13)

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A Columbia Street bar is hiking the weekend drinking age to 25 after patrons' early morning drunken antics sparked outrage from frustrated neighbors.

DETAIL STORY: DNA Info - Brooklyn



Research Group study shows city students overexposed to tobacco advertisements (11.22.13)

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A new report says that many city students are being overexposed to tobacco advertisements near their schools.

The New York Public Interest Research Group commissioned the study, called "Overexposed," with high school and college students helping out by checking stores in their Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens communities.

Businesses included in the study were bodegas, pharmacies, gas station and smoke shops, and they were mapped out to show that nearly all are within walking distance to schools.

Kids ask for light in best anti-smoking ad (11.21.13)

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This is one of the best and most effective anti-smoking commercial presented in recent years. Produced by Ogilvy Asia in Thailand, proves to be more effective than the “shock and gross-out” method in the United States and Canada, where there are new graphic warnings on cigarette boxes and videos featuring ex-smokers with serious health problems?

Smoking legislation in NYC raises concerns for young smokers (11.21.13)

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Recent legislation in New York City raised the age at which tobacco can be purchased from 18 to 21. All types of tobacco are included in the bill, including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes. A second bill was passed to prohibit discounts on tobacco products and increase penalties for vendors who break the rules.

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Cigarette ads have heavy influence on college students by 22 percent (11.20.13)

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The study found that the impression after viewing just one cigarette ad can last for seven days, also increasing the tendency of college students to smoke.

The immediate response after viewing a cigarette ad or other pro-smoking media message saw a 22 percent increase in smoking intentions of students. Though, the desire to smoke decreased in a week, the thought lingered in their head for those seven days.

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Twenty-Four States Back Menthol-Cigarette Ban (11.20.13)

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Menthol is the most deadly tobacco flavoring. The Tobacco Control Act banned use of all flavorings in cigarettes except menthol, which was to be studied by the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee.

Because menthol reduces the harshness of smoking, menthol cigarettes are a potent starter product. Half of 12- to 17-year-old smokers and 80 percent of African-American smokers use menthol cigarettes.

Alcohol ads common amongst kid shows? (11.15.13)

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Despite the alcohol industry's standards against marketing to underage youth alcohol ads are still common on shows kids watch. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University used local ratings data to determine the number of children watching sports and other programs on network and cable TV. They found nearly a quarter of alcohol ads are shown on programs where a more than a third of the local audience is under twenty-one.

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