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Kids snorting Smarties candy (1.21.14)

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There's a dangerous new trend that involves the popular candy Smarties. Instead of eating them, kids are snorting them. They're crushing the candy and inhaling it, in videos seen all over YouTube. The motivation behind the crushing and snorting of Smarties isn't known.

 NEWS STORY: New York Daily News


Hospitals warm to Cuomo’s marijuana plan (1.21.14)

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Ten hospitals identified by the state, five are based in New York City or Long Island, including the Montefiore Health Network, which operates 20 primary care sites in the Bronx and Westchester County along with its main hospital in Manhattan. Along with the medical centers in White Plains and Rochester, others that have expressed interest are Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo and hospitals in Albany and Clinton County.

Technology Ensures School Bus Drivers Are Sober Behind the Wheel (1.21.14)

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A recent presentation at the Rochester Area Transportation Supervisor's Association in New York State on Drug and Alcohol awareness met U.S. federal requirements as stated in law §382.603.

Proposed Tobacco Settlement Excludes Black Media (1.16.14)

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The U.S. Justice Department and the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund have reached an agreement with the four major tobacco companies that requires them to spend more than $30 million advertising with the three major television networks and run full-page ads in 35 White and Hispanic newspapers as well as purchasing space on their respective websites but not make a single purchase from a Black print or broadcast media company.

Children’s Music School Is Nightclub in Disguise, Locals Say (1.16.14)

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GOWANUS — Residents are fighting a proposed children's music center they say will also operate as a nightclub and bar, demanding that the city withdraw a permit it gave the venue last year.

Tobacco Returns To The Bar, This Time Inside Cocktails (1.16.14)

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Take a sip of the Oaxacan Fizz at Father's Office in Los Angeles and you'll discover the unmistakable taste of tobacco. That's because this cocktail is sweetened with a small amount of tobacco-infused sugar syrup.

"A lot of people say, 'I only smoke when I drink,'' says chef-owner Sang Yoon. "We say, 'Now you can do both.'"




Cuomo Vetoes Legislation for Liquor License in Church (1.16.14)

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Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has vetoed a bill that would have granted a new liquor license to a catering hall inside a historic Manhattan church. The governor noted in a Jan. 10 veto message that the Rose Group Park Avenue's use of rented space in the Third Church of Christ Scientist had caused a controversy over "what constitutes a good quality of life in the impacted neighborhood." He urged local residents to work out the dispute themselves.

Colo. Teen Addiction Centers Gear Up for Legal Marijuana (1.10.14)

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Addiction treatment centers in Colorado are bracing for an increase in teens referred for marijuana use, ABC News reports. The state began legal sales of recreational marijuana for adults last week.

While only people 21 and older are allowed to purchase marijuana, some experts are concerned the law will allow the drug to more easily fall into the hands of teens.





NYS Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order to Legalize Medical Marijuana (1.8.14)

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In the wake of Colorado’s roll-out of retail marijuana comes news that New York is loosening its own marijuana policies. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is unveiling a plan to allow residents suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses to access medical marijuana.

READ MORE: Leafly.com

E-Cig Lounge to Offer Vape Haven for Crown Heights Smokers (1.8.14)

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The city may be stamping out e-cigarettes elsewhere, but you can still catch a light in Crown Heights.

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