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Youth substance abuse problem tackled by Staten Island teens at all-day summit (3.31.14)

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Dreary, damp and raining — by all accounts a perfect morning to sleep late — but not for this group of young people.

Instead of sleeping in they chose to spend a full day Saturday trying to wrap their heads around one of Staten Island’s biggest problems — substance abuse — prescription drug abuse in particular — among their peers — during the Tackling Youth Substance Abuse Youth Connect Summit at the Greenbelt Recreation Center in Sea View.

Kids' Piano Recital Space's Plan for Liquor License Opposed (3.28.14)

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INWOOD — A business' plan to host children's piano recitals by day and serve liquor by night is on the rocks.

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Many Teens Still Don't Understand That Drinking and Driving Don't Mix (3.27.14)

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(NEW YORK) -- A driving-behavior survey of teens suggests that kids don't fully grasp the consequences of getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol.


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New York, other states in Four Loko settlement (3.27.14)

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The makers of Four Loko, Phusion Projects LLC, and 20 other states reached an agreement on new advertising limits intended to de-emphasize binge drinking and under-age consumption of the alcoholic energy drink, Reuters reported. The settlement dates back to a court case from 2010, when the group of states first alleged improper marketing of Four Loko.

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Alcohol on the Menu at Starbucks (3.27.14)

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Soon coffee drinkers will see more than caffeine on the menu.

The coffee giant isn't content being just a morning perk-up spot anymore and plans to expand its alcohol sales to customers looking to wind down later in the day, according to the Associated Press.

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A Century of Sexism in Alcohol Advertisements (3.20.14)

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Looking back on a hundred years of alcohol industry sales tactics, the sexism is all-too blatant—with ads often depicting women as objects to be consumed, rather than consumers. What’s worse, there's little evidence that much is changing.

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Major Retailers Asked to Stop Selling Tobacco Products, Like CVS (3.20.14)

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Two dozen state attorneys general are urging five major retailers with pharmacies to drop tobacco, calling on them to follow the lead of CVS Caremark Corp., which said last month it would stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October.




Local youths take action for Kick Butts Day (3.20.14)

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Students from the Students Against Destructive Decisions group at Notre Dame High School in Batavia prepared for Kick Butts Day by taking action with their shoes.

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Seabrook House To Sponsor Third Annual Sober St. Patrick's Day® (3.12.14)

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Seabrook House is proud to announce that they are once again sponsoring the Sober St. Patrick's Day® Celebration to be held on Monday, March 17, 2014 at the Cathedral High School in New York City.

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Teen e-cigarette a possible gateway to smoking (3.11.14)

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NEW YORK — E-cigarettes facing municipal bans and scrutiny by U.S. regulators received a new slap on the wrist from scientists: A report Thursday suggests the devices may be a gateway to old-fashioned, cancer-causing smokes for teens.

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