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East Harlem gang known at the Fetti Boys busted for peddling pot in “Sour Power” candy packages (3/19/13)

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This candy was smokin’.

An indicted East Harlem gang sold pot out of Sour Power candy wrappers for $10 a bag, officials said yesterday.

“If you want the sour, come to 118th and Lexington,” the group rapped on YouTube, officials say.

Steerers on the street would lead buyers to the bodega on that corner — Nassin Market at 1901 Lexington Ave. — and the allegedly complicit bodega owners would make a sale.

ARTICLE FEATURE: New York Daily News

TV producer's plea: Don't waste St. Patrick's Day getting wasted (3/13/13)

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Sober St. Partick's Day celebration spawned with the idea to reclaim the true spirit of the day and to change the perception and experience of what St. Patrick’s Day can be, by providing family-friendly, alcohol free events celebrating the best of Irish music, dance and comedy.

The lead article featured on New York Daily News came about when television producer, William Reilly, witnessed heavy alcohol consumption among parade watchers during the NYC's 2011 Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Heavy alcohol consumption gives brain dose of extra energy, study finds (3/13/13)

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A new study claims that drinking heavily will actually boost your energy, which will probably come as a surprise to you if you ended up passed out at any given night.

In addition, the study's findings don't suggest that alcohol itself will energize you, just that drinking more over a long period of time might give you an extra energy source to tap into when you're drained, so maybe don't start replacing your coffee with Jim Beam quite yet. Up next for science? Researchers say they plan to see if substituting alcohol with acetate could help alcoholics kick their addiction

Staten Island Smoke-Free Partnership Goes to Albany (3/13/13)

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The numbers are weighty — 46,000 people; 25,400 lives lost; $ 8.17 billion in health care expenditures.

These are just some of the more prominent statistics associated with tobacco use in New York City.

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New Mexico Seeks to Ban Alcohol Sales to DWI Convicts (3/13/13)

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New Mexico lawmakers plan to propose new bill to ban alcohol sales to repeated DWI. This proposed legistration will forbid many people convicted of drunken driving from buying alcohol anywhere — stores, restaurants or bars. If it passes, it would be among the most restrictive drunken-driving laws in the nation.

Question to our readers, do you think this proposed bill will help curb auto accidents and will this be ideal for New York State? Voice your opinion in our comments section.

Tobacco Firms Save $1 Billion With Kitty Litter in Cigars (3/6/13)

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Some tobacco companies are putting the type of clay used in cat litter into cigars to increase their weight, thereby allowing them to pay less tax, Bloomberg reports.

90 NYC Stores Caught Selling Alcohol to Minors by State Liquor Authority (3/6/13)

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New York City ----- An annoucement from the New York State Liquor Authority issued results of the undercover sting operation into the underage alcohol sales in New York City.

The press release was released today indicating the amount of bodegas and delis were caught selling alcohol to minors in our communities. The sting took place late February into early March. Details mentioned are the locations and names that sold.

Press Release Source: NY State Liquor Authority Press Release

Virginia 5th grader brings marijuana to school and faces expulsion (3/6/13)

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Though his intentions may have been innocent, a Virginia fifth grader who brought marijuana to school could face expulsion for his actions, according to media reports.

Local police officers responded to a report of a student in possession of marijuana Tuesday. According to Suffolk police, the Driver Elementary student showed his teacher the drug and said he took it from his father so that he would stop smoking.

ARTICLE FEATURE: The New York Daily News

Cigarette distributors face lawsuit (3/6/13)

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The state’s attorney general is stepping up efforts to combat the movement of tax-free cigarettes from Indian-owned companies in Canada to New York tribes, including the Seneca Nation of Indians.

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman is expected to file a lawsuit Monday morning targeting a cigarette plant on the Six Nations of the Grand River Indian reservation near Hamilton, Ont., and a Seneca businessman working with the Canadian operation to sell billions of tax-free cigarettes marketed under the “Seneca” brand name, The Buffalo News has learned.

Alcohol Policy 102

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Alcohol Policy: 102 Coming up in December

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