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Huge Pay Day For NY ordered by Big Tobacco (9.23.13)

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A ruling by a special three-judge panel will see New York State collect more than $92 million from the so-called Big Tobacco companies, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The ruling comes in a dispute over payments relating to a 1998 agreement in which a number of tobacco companies agreed to pay New York, other U.S. states and two territories to settle charges that the tobacco companies promoted smoking while willfully ignoring its health risks.

Tweets tip off Ex-NFL player about teens partying in his home (9.20.13)

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More than 300 teenagers threw a rowdy Labor Day party in the vacant upstate New York home of former New England Patriots lineman Brian Holloway, causing more than $20,000 in damages due to graffiti, broken windows and urine-soaked carpets. Then, in the eternal wisdom of youth, some partygoers shared pictures and tales of their exploits on Twitter and Facebook, which Holloway later shared on a website he created.

Federal Prosecutor Told Not to Focus on Marijuana Users (9.19.13)

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There are new guidelines for prosecutors that will allow states, such as Washington, Colorado and others where 'medical marijuana' is legal to continue sale. NPR reports a decision made by Attorney General Eric Holder to focus more on illegal distribution in other states and to those who are selling to minors.

READ MORE: National Public Radio (NPR)






SE Queens Councilman refuses bribe to support liquor store near school (9.17.13)

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SE Queens Councilman Donovan Richards called the authorities after turning down a cash bribe by businessmen seeking his influence on a liquor store license application, a move that eventually lead to three arrests and bribery charges, the Department of Investigation announced Friday.

106 Businesses Seek Liquor Licenses This Month in North Brooklyn (9.16.13)

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Williamsburg is now becoming the new hotbed for nightlight in North Brooklyn. Community Board 1, which covers Williamsburg and Greenpoint, has received a staggering 106 applications for liquor licenses in September alone, DNAinfo reported. As is typical for this area, applications were not only from bars and restaurants but also from retailers such as Urban Outfitters and barber shop Blind Barber.


Bath Salts act as 'Molly' (9.16.13)

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Toxicology reports are still pending in the deaths of two Electric Zoo attendees last month, but authorities are now looking at the possibility that the fatalities were caused by a chemical akin to bath salts, not overdoses of molly (slang for MDMA).

 FULL ARTICLE: New York Post





Colorado marijuana is flowing to neighboring states (9.16.13)

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The widespread movement of marijuana legalization coming out of Colorado is now the focus on illegal distribution. The feature article in The Denver Post reports on criminal activities, the consequences and what officials have done to block the illegal sale.

 FULL ARTICLE: The Denver Post





Observant Brooklyn drug dealers were closed for Shabbat (9.12.13)

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A group of allegedly Sheepshead Bay drug dealers had an unusual rule of not selling heroin, oxycodone, cocaine and more during Shabbat – which is the Jewish Sabbath. Using an elaborate system, the group distributed a variety of drugs throughout the borough over a 14-month stretch before getting caught.

FULL ARTICLE: New York Daily News





E-cigarette use by kids doubled in 2012 (9.11.13)

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The CDC just announced that the percentage of U.S. middle and high school students who use e-cigarettes more than doubled from 2011 to 2012.

In case you're not among the six percent of adults who've tried them, e-cigarettes work by heating up and aerosolizing nicotine so that one can inhale it without smoke. They are not regulated by the FDA, and are fast becoming the new thing since the chewing tobacco.

FULL ARTICLE: New York Daily News

Fact Check: How Dangerous Is Molly, the New ‘It’ Drug? (9.11.13)

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According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, molly is the powder or crystal form of MDMA -- or 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a chemical drug most commonly known for its use in the pressed pill Ecstasy.

Unlike Ecstasy, which has a reputation for being laced with everything from caffeine to methamphetamine, molly -- a name shortened from "molecule" -- is thought of as "pure" MDMA. Read more on why this latest finding is popular.

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