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Latino Outreach Initiative

Developed by the national office of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), with support from The Goizueta Foundation, the objective of the Latino Outreach Initiative (LOI) is to give Latino youth and families access to interest- and need-based programs to help them develop leadership abilities and strong decision-making skills.

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Adventure Team Building for Youth and Adults

Adventure Team Building uses games, initiatives and low & high ropes challenges to energize the learning of interpersonal skills among a group of people. Successful teams communicate well, support each other and focus on goals.  Adventure Team Building provides opportunities to learn and sharpen these skills.

Adult Acting 2: Relationships & Scenes

Two and a half Hour Class, Adults Only, with Stephen Michael Rondel $425

How do you begin to find your character and develop active relationships through dialogue? This course investigates that question through detailed scene work and analysis. We continue our exploration of various theater games and improvisation to reinforce important techniques essential to acting and scene study.  Class focus includes: learning how to clarify acting relationships, analyzing scripts, and developing unique and three-dimensional characters.

What is Adventure Team Building?

Adventure Team Building is a social and emotional learning program where participants solve highly engaging challenges together. For example, how do 15 teens organize themselves to get each member of the group through a turning jump rope without touching the rope and only allowing one turn of the rope between each person? The trial and error nature of such a challenge requires communication, planning, responsibility, trust, support and patience.

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Toddler Time (16-30 months)

The Toddler Time series of classes is for children ages 16-30 months. Each session includes indoor play, story time, arts and crafts and music and movement. Classes for children ages two and older include outdoor play. Separation may be gently introduced for children in the oldest Toddler Time group in the Spring Semester. Class length ranges from 75-90 minutes depending on the age of the children in the group.

Summer 2014: June 11, 2014 - August 1, 2014

16-22 mos.

Pre- Arts: Storybook Theater (Ages 3-4)

With Lindsay Blodgett and Greg Foro $350 Our youngest actors will explore multicultural stories through movement, music, visual art and dramatic play. In our state of the art theater space, students become sly tricksters, wild animals and clever heroes as they bring exciting tales to life. They move their bodies in new and inventive ways as they journey through each adventure. Problem solving, creative expression, communication and teamwork are encouraged. REGISTER EARLY FOR THIS POPULAR CLASS!

Theater Games & Sketch (Ages 9-11)

Ages 9-11 with Greg Foro  $425

This class allows students to explore characterization, vocalization, spontaneity and physicality in a fun, non-threatening and supportive environment. In the zany and irreverent style of Saturday Night Live, students apply improvisation and comic techniques to create original comedy sketches. Fun-filled theater games will help you create a solid foundation as an actor. At semesters end students will perform a wide variety of improvised exercises, group theater games and sketches.

Adult Acting 1: Improv & Monologues

Two and a half hour Class, Adults Only, with Stephen Michael Rondel $425

This introduction to acting covers various theatrical traditions, exercises and methods. Class focus is on individual style, creative characterizations, concentration, ensemble work and theater games. A great class for beginners or for experienced actors who wish to further hone their skills. Students present a monologue in our Equity Showcase Theater for an invited audience at semester’s end that demonstrates their talents.

MONDAYS 7-9:30 p.m.


After-School Program

The Frederick Douglass Center After-School Program for 5-11 year olds runs Monday through Friday during the school year. Daily pick-up is available from the surrounding District 3 public schools as well as Ascension School and Holy Name School. Every aspect of the program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for the child.

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