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Music & Art (26-32 months)

This class for older toddlers (ages 26 -32 months) combines music and movement with arts and crafts. Children’s creativity is explored with specialists in each field, and there is plenty of time for messy fun! The class also includes snack and story time. Classes are 75 minutes.

Music & Art Not Offered In The Summer


Fall 2104: September 8, 2014 - December 19, 2014


Tues.    9:30-10:45

Pre-Teen Showcase (Ages 12-16)

(Two Hour Class) Ages 12-15 with Greg Foro

$425 Class begins with improvisation and acting technique. Shortly after, a play will be selected by the class and instructor which is appropriate for all enrolled both in style and subject matter. Rehearsals will focus on characterization, acting technique, blocking strategies, relationship and memorization. The culminating performance will stem directly from all ensemble work and showcase student talents. A great class for those students who love the playlab experience.

Young Actor's Workshop (Ages 5-6 1/2)

Ages 5-6.5 Lindsay Blodgett & Greg Foro

$425 Our lively class introduces beginners to the world of storytelling, stage movement and self-expression. Children will explore theater basics, creative movement, songs and imaginative play. There will be a presentation for friends, family and guests on the last day of class. A friendly and low-key introduction to acting and theater.

The Sleeping Beauty (Intermediate Actors Age 6 1/2 - 8)

Ages 6 1/2 - 8 with Greg Foro and Lindsey Blodgett

$425 All of the Royal Court has fallen into a deep slumber, enchanted by fairy magic.  A forest grows around the palace hiding and protecting the Kingdom for one hundred years.  A prince comes along, but this times does he save the day?  A fun and outrageous journey performed by our Intermediate Actors.  An exciting class for the newcomers to the Playlab experience and for returning students.

Popeye & Friends (Advanced Actors Age 9-11)

(Advanced Class) Ages 9-11 with Greg Foro and Lindsay Blodgett


After-School Program

The Children’s Aid Society East Harlem Center after-school program provides school-age children (ages 5-10) with a diverse range of activities and services focused on the social, academic, physical, emotional and cognitive development of children. The after-school program provides a safe haven for many children by providing: positive social opportunities, homework help, sports and recreational activities, trips, cultural enrichment through arts and crafts, drama, dance, chorus, and prevention programs to support the healthy development of children.

Adult Services: ESL and Computer Classes

The East Harlem Center strongly believes that in order to successfully serve children, you must also address the needs of parents and adults in the community. The East Harlem Center does that through programs especially geared towards parenting, language and career development.

Homemakers, Critical Supports for Struggling NYC Families, Celebrate 75th Anniversary by Honoring Past and Present Commissioners

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Scoppetta and Mattingly to Be Recognized by The Children’s Aid Society

Children’s Aid CEO C. Warren Moses and Homemaker Also to Be Honored


Ellen Lubell, The Children’s Aid Society, (o) 212-949-4938, (c) 917-854-6864
Emily Crossan, The Children’s Aid Society, (o) 917-286-1548, (c) 201-344-5742


Friday, May 8, 2009
7:00 pm to 7:30 p.m.
ceremony precedes celebratory cruise

Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner Provided by Top Chefs and Generous Volunteers

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Food industry volunteers to cook and serve Thanksgiving meal for hundreds of children and families at annual Children’s Aid Society dinner in Harlem

Ellen Lubell, The Children’s Aid Society – (w) 212-949-4938, (c) 917-854-6864
Emily Crossan, The Children’s Aid Society – (w) 917-286-1548, (c) 201-344-5742
Gladys Mouton DiStefano, Food and Beverage Association – (w) 212-521-6203


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